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BaZi (Ba Zi) – Destiny and Luck Cycle Analysis – Singapore FengShui Master

March 3, 2021

Do you know your Destiny?

What are you Meant to Be ?

What is Your Capacity in life?


Using an  Ancient Chinese Astrology system known as BAZI(八字) we are able to help you identify your distinct personalities, strengths, talents, dominant emotions, social interactions as well as foresee obstacles. This amazing predictive system can also predict your luck cycle and issues that may arise in business partnerships or love relationships.
What is Bazi Analysis about?

Bazi analysis is about helping you to understand more about yourself and about making better choices. After the analysis, you will be equipped with key knowledge for adjusting their perspectives and changing your attitudes, having realistic expectations and being prepared when times are tough. On top of this, you will be equipped with the knowledge of the right timings. Every decision you make affects your life. We are always presented with the different choices every now and then.

Compelling reasons to choose 123 Destiny

Professional advice rendered by Master Edwaard Liu of 123 Destiny has enabled his clients to master their destiny by taking the right action at the right time.

Master Edwaard Liu is very competent and is able to furnish good advice on the spot. He is always meticulous in verifying Client’s Bazi astrology chart(based on birthdate and time) verifying past events to ascertain the accuracy of the energy chart obtained. This Bazi astrology chart is then used for the prediction of future events and devising of rectification measures. Master Edwaard Liu is an Accredited Feng Shui Master and a  member of International Feng Shui Association, with its headquarter based in Singapore. The Bazi consultation do not involve religion and rituals. Services are provided at an affordable rate. Read Master Edwaard’s testimonials here.

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BaZi Analysis Articles

How to change your life? – Singapore FengShui & BaZi Master

January 27, 2019

How to Change your life?

Article by Master Edwaard Liu

There is an old Chinese saying about the things that can affect your life; here is the list of 12:

一命二运三风水, (1 destiny, 2  luck cycle, 3 Feng Shui.)

四积功德五读书。(4 accumulation of merits, 5 education)

六名七相八敬神,(6 a person’s name, 7 looks and body form, 8  respect for spirits/gods)

九交贵人十养生。(9 having supportive people, 10 taking care of health)

十一择业与择偶,(11, career and spouse)

十二趋吉要避凶。(12 date selection)

I would like to share my personal experience about my observation about this Chinese saying.

1)      Destiny – Is everyone’s life pre-determined? Long ago before I had any interest in meta physics, I met a Feng Shui Master and out of curiosity, I engaged him to read my destiny. All he needed was my date and time of birth using an ancient Chinese system call Bazi, he predicted accurately what has happened in the past, what is happening at present and he also told me what will happen in the future. I know fortune reading exists but has never done it before and having someone tell me accurately about my life is amazing. This incident caused me to ask the question “Is everyone’s life already pre-determined?” It thus inspired me to find out the answer. I seek out different masters to learn from them and spent a great deal of time reading different books on the subject matter and in the process became good at Bazi  destiny analysis reading. (Bazi /八字 is literally translated as eight character.  It is derived based on a person’s birthdate and time ie. year, month, day and time, each represented by 2 Chinese characters therefore eight characters.) To date, I have done thousands of destiny analysis for my clients and I have many testimonials on accuracy. If a person’s life is not pre-determined, how is it that I can accurately predict events that happened to them? Therefore I believe that our life is pre-determined to a certain extent.  The next important question is: Can we change our life? We shall discuss this in the following points. For more information on Bazi reading Click here.

2)      Luck – Luck or luck cycle is also a very important factor that will affect the quality of life. Sometimes when something good happens to a person, people will comment that he/she is lucky.  Indeed luck plays a very important part in a person’s life. When we mention the word “luck”, we somehow associate it with something at random. Luck is not random, luck is pre-determined; a complete Bazi chart will have a luck cycle chart too. Having a good destiny is not everything; it requires a good luck cycle to support it. For example, from a person’s destiny we can tell that a person has potential to become very rich. However, from the luck cycle we will be able to tell when he will be rich. If a rich person goes into a very bad luck cycle, there is a possibility that he will be bankrupt too.  Luck can come in the forms of wealth, health, harmony, career or relationship.  In plotting a Luck cycle chart it consists of a 10-year luck, yearly luck, daily luck, bi-hourly luck, superimposed on each other and using it together with a person’s destiny chart, events in a person’s life can be accurately predicted (eg. marriage, offspring, divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, career performance etc). Yes, luck can be pre-determined and it is not at random.  Before you blame all your misfortune on your luck, first find out if you can change it.

3)      Feng Shui – Feng shui literally translated to Wind and Water. It actually symbolizes energy and the dynamism of energy. Where there is wind there is energy movement, where there is water, energy gathers. (Many major buildings in Singapore have water feature or man-made waterfalls in auspicious location to activate and gather good energies.  Take note however, that having water feature in an inauspicious location will also gather bad energies!!)  Ancient wise ones found out that energy exists in us and all around us. The art of Feng Shui is the management or manipulation of energy in an environment or premise, to harmonize bad energies and to enhance good energy to the benefits of the occupants. By observing the premise and its surrounding and plotting the energy charts of the premise, a good Feng Shui master will be able to predict past, present and future events that happen in the premise accurately.  Energies are classified into different elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The interaction of different energies will produce different result. Using this knowledge, the master will be able to manipulate and enhance auspicious energies and it will have a major effect on the occupants. If you are interested to read more feng shui articles and tips visit

4)      Accumulation of merits – Some people may call this karma or the law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow.  Most religion teaches us to do good and not to do bad. You may wonder that there are people out there that did a lot of bad things but they are still doing very well or are not caught.  That is because they are still going through their good luck cycle which is the result of their previous good deeds done before this life or in their past lives. Once the good luck cycle is over, not only will they suffer bad luck they will also have to suffer the consequences or the bad deeds. I have also noticed people’s life or luck cycle is changed due to accumulating good deeds for helping people.  Some people when they do good deed, they wish that they will be rewarded and when they do bad deeds they hope that nobody notices. Most people have conscience to guide them to do good and most people are rewarded with a happy feeling for helping others. Being considerate is also part of accumulation of merits. Wise people will know that we are all connected. Harming others or the environment will cause harm to oneself. Some people believe that when a good or bad deed is done, the karma affects seven generations down, therefore you are also affected by the karmas of your ancestors. One cannot change the past but one can take positive action to change the future. Hard work or efforts also fall under this category as sometimes when one goes into bad luck cycle, he or she will have to work harder to see results. It can also be said that during the bad luck cycle one works very hard and when the good luck cycle comes again they will reap the benefits.  When someone is in a good luck cycle, it is easy to see results, but if one waste the good opportunity and does not do anything constructive, this good luck cycle will be wasted. Therefore regardless of whether one is in good or bad luck cycle, one has to work hard.

5)      Education – We all know that education is an important factor that will affect the quality of one’s life.  Society rewards those that use the brain more than those that use their labour. Being educated and uneducated makes a big difference in terms of being rewarded in general. I believe we need to include skill sets as an important attribute not just education here. There are many examples of people that are not highly educated but do very well in life or even better that those that are highly educated. There is also no guarantee that one will do well if one is highly educated. Skill sets are equally important, which include ability to manage people, sales and negotiation techniques, business accruement etc. Two people born on the same day same timing with different education and skill sets leads different lives. In order to improve your life you will need to constantly upgrade your skill sets and also educate yourself continuously.

6)      Name – Ancient Chinese or even some modern Chinese place a lot of emphasis on a person’s name. They usually try to get an auspicious name for a newborn. Some Chinese also believe that Chinese characters can be classified into different elements like metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Some experts recommend name for a child by looking at his/her destiny chart to decide what element is good for him/her and then name the child with the Chinese characters that are associated with that element.   There are some schools of numerology, whereby character in names are represented by numbers and they recommend names that add up to a favorable number will be good for a person.  Personally I feel it is good to have a nice sounding name too.

7)      Looks – one of the 5 ancient arts is face or body form reading.  There are some masters who can read your fortune by reading your face and body form. As we grow our face and body changes, similarly our fortune and luck changes as time go by.  There are some features that will not change much, there are some features that will change quite a bit. Take a look at your pictures and see how much they have changed since your younger days. I believe that face reading is good for reading what your current luck is only because your face changes with time.  For experts that are really good they can even read your energy, Qi or aura; this requires not only knowledge but certain level of spiritual cultivation. Experts like these are rare. If a person’s luck can be read from his/her face, does changing a person’s face also changes his/her luck? The answer is yes. For example a person’s nose tip symbolizes his wealth and the ability to accumulate wealth, the fleshier it is the better. Unfortunately many people feel that sharp pointed noses are prettier. Take a look at Michael Jackson, he altered his face and alter his luck in the process. Another thing you may notice or experience in life is if a person looks good, he or she will be treated better too, have more suitors etc. One thing to take note相由心生 which means your looks changes with your heart, what is inside may eventually be reflected on the outside.

8)      Respect for spirits/gods – this is a very sensitive topic.  Different religion has different beliefs.  I shall not comment too much on this topic. Many things that happen in our lives have direct influence from spirits or gods. A good person will attract good spirits or guardian angels, a bad person on the other hand will attract the bad ones.

9)      Having supportive people – it means being in good company and also people who are supportive in terms of improving yourself in various aspect of your life. For example a good boss who supports you at work, a good friend who helps to encourage you when you are down, an investor who provides you finance when your company is not doing well – these are all considered as 贵人 or supportive people. One way of attracting 贵人 is to be one yourself and one also needs to have the wisdom to be in the company of the right people that are able to positively influence your life. If a person is always in bad company similarly one will attract bad luck or influence to do things that one will harm one’s life or well being.

10)  Taking care of health – taking care of your health is one of the things that falls under common sense. It is also one of the things that is most neglected by people in modern living. When was the last time you exercise? Eating healthily is also important. Qi gong or Taiji is one of the ancient exercises that are very beneficial to health. It boosts the immune system so that one does not fall sick easily. It also improves the subtle Qi in the body.  It is however important to select the right master, if one practise wrongly, it will have adverse effect on your health and life too.  Usually when one’s health suffers, the quality of one’s life will be affected and then one will realize the importance of health.  Prevention is always better then cure because there may not always be a cure.

11)   Career and Spouse – you may wonder why does career and spouse fall under the same category – there is a Chinese saying “男怕入错行,女怕嫁错郎” which means, man is afraid of going into the wrong career and a woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man. This is a traditional and conservative mindset where in a family a man works to feed the family and woman is dependent on man. In modern living, Career and Spouse are equally important for man and woman.  Choosing the right career is important, but what is the suitable career for an individual? It will depend on what is a person’s training, qualification, interest, talents and many other factors.  It is not just simply looking at a person’s destiny chart and deciding that since the person’s favourable element is metal, he/she should be in metal related trade like gold smith, steel industry or car sales. Spouse is also a very important factor, will you be able to support each other during good and bad times or is it a stressful relationship that harms each other? Choose carefully, be it your career or spouse.

12)  The energy pattern of the universe can be calculated, tracked and pre-determined and nothing occurs in random. Yearly, Monthly, Daily and Hourly elemental cycles have profound influence upon events and our actions. Therefore auspicious date selection for significant events is important. Date selection is the art of selecting the right timing by analyzing your birth chart using BAZI (4 Pillars of Destiny) and referencing to the Chinese Almanac (通书).

13)  Others – there are also other things that are important that will affect your life too which is not mentioned in the Chinese saying. One of them is mindset – some people are positive, some people are negative, some people are overly positive till they cannot see what is realistic. Positive people in general do better than negative people. I also believe in the law of your intention – what you think affects your energy directly. What you think, you attract, that is in the forms of energy, which in turns manifest physically. People that are of a high consciousness level can have their intention manifest much faster than a person who is of low consciousness level. Let me give you examples of different level of consciousness:

  • a person who is angry, remains in anger and become anger itself, which attracts more anger and manifest on the physical level as violence.
  • a person who is angry catches himself  being in anger, realize it but remains in anger because of ego.
  • a person who is angry catches himself in anger and decides to put down his ego and resolve the conflict peacefully.
  • a person who is totally conscious and do not get into the state of anger at all in the first place.

Watch what you are thinking, you are who you think you are and you are what you think.

I hope this article is useful to you. May all your wishes come true and may peace be with you.

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BaZi Analysis Articles

How to be in a good relationship? – Singapore FengShui Master

January 12, 2011

One of the most common topic clients consult me about is love. Almost everyone wants to be loved and want to feel love and most importantly be in the right relationship.

Some will be in a blissful relationship with the same partner till the end of their life, just like in fairy tales. Unfortunately, some are not destined to be that way. Some will always have conflicts with their partner or spouse. Some will have more than one marriage. Some people seem to be in complicated relationships or always attract the wrong people into their lives. Some will never get married; some will always have temptations or affairs outside the marriage.

Potentially what happens in a person’s life in regards to his relationship can be seen or read when I plot their destiny chart base on birth date and time. If that is so, are all relationships pre-destined? Should you just leave everything to fate and if things fail, just blame it on your life?

I said potentially, I did not say definitely, that is because people do have a certain level of control in their life. For example, if I see in my client’s chart and tell him that potentially he will attract lots of women in his life resulting in potential temptations or affairs even after he gets married, I will get different responses from different clients. Example,

a)   “Good!”

b)   ”I know, but I only love my wife”

c)   ”How? What should I do?”

I cannot decide for you how you lead your life.  You have a choice, I tell you potentially what will happen, your own decisions and actions have direct impact on your life. For “a” and “b”, they have already made their choices they know what they want, for “c”, I usually will response with “You have a choice, you can always say no to temptations.”

For those that know BAZI (Chinese astrology) will know that every 12 years there will be a clash into the spouse “palace” in a person’s destiny chart. It does not mean that every 12 years one will get divorced! It just means potentially there will be some conflict or arguments during that period, whether it leads to divorce, there are many factors to consider.  There are also monthly, daily or hourly influences in our life, for example, some months you argue more, some days you argue more; even during certain hour of the day you are more prone to arguments. For everyone the influences of the hour, day, month and years will be different and the effect with be different for different people. It is rare when couples don’t argue, accept the fact that it is normal for conflicts or disagreement to happen, but how you handle conflicts makes a difference.

By knowing your destiny chart and luck cycle, a person become more aware of potential problems he may face, he can be more conscious when he deals with the conflict or he can minimize it and handle with more care.

May your relationship be blissful, for those who are single, I wish that you find the right person.

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BaZi Analysis Articles

Will my Bazi Chart tell if I be Rich? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

January 12, 2011

When people consult me, when it comes to money matter, they will always ask

“Will I be rich?”

“When will I be rich?”

They never ask “Will I be Poor?” or “When will I be poor?”

 The reason of course is obvious, because most people want to be rich. It is good to be optimistic and work towards your goals. But, does working hard guarantee that you will reach your goals? There are many factors why some are wealthy and some are struggling to make ends meet.

 How many people who take trading courses with the intention to become millionaire actually succeed?

How many people, who take course that will teach them to become millionaire, will actually become millionaire?

Why is it common that when someone strikes lottery, it doesn’t take them too long to lose all of them and return to where they started?

Why some people have the Midas touch?

Why some people always make the right decision when it comes to money?

 The family one is born in has a big influence on his/her life, support given, education, network, mindset inherited and of course the wealth inherited.  (Heaven Luck)

 The people he/she mixes around with, friends, classmate, relative, associates, the environment he/she is exposed to, the culture of the country or workplace and the Feng Shui of the environment he works or live in. (Earth Luck)

 The character of the person, his/her own mindset and skill sets, his/her personality and traits have major impact on him/her and his wealth too. (Human Luck)

 All these can be classified in to Heaven天, Earth地 and Human 人 Luck.

 Heaven Luck includes destiny and Luck cycle, which is pre-determined and not changeable.

 If all these can be seen and it is pre-determined in your Bazi analysis, but why do we need to know all these, might as well leave it to fate? You may ask.

 If you know your capacity beforehand, it is easier to be contented and find the right career or business that suits you, rather than chasing unrealistic goals. Yes your capacity in life is more or less pre- determined, the good news is, it does not come in an absolute figure like $3,243,476.93 in your lifetime.  Meaning you will only know if you will be extremely poor, poor, average, above average, rich or very rich. There is still a bandwidth that you can play around with. For example an average person’s income can be between $3,000 to $10,000 a month. Meaning, you can be pre-determined to be of average wealth, but you can work towards a higher average.

 If a person has capacity to be rich, the next question to ask is, When? When a person is potentially rich or when potentially he will face financial problems can be seen from his birth chart too.

 Why do some people that have always been successful suddenly fail?

Why do some people suddenly become million or billionaire?

Why are some people consistent when it comes to money, business or career, while others are not?

 Time is also an important factor, this can be seen in the Luck cycle part of your Bazi, you will know when to take risk, when not to take risk when it comes to money matter. Changing job during bad luck cycle is not advised. Making short term investment during bad luck cycle and chances of losing them are higher. Luck cycle move in a cyclic manner. Good luck is always followed by bad luck, and bad luck followed by good luck. Do not be too happy when you are very successful or do not be too sad when things are not going your way.

 There are however things that we can do to make a difference in our life. Things that we can change include Earth and Human luck. The people that you mixed around with, the environment that you are in, your mindset and skill set. Kind and good deeds, good intentions, speech and action, all these will have a direct impact in your life and the income and wealth as well. Knowing your destiny and luck cycle, you will be able to plan your life and wealth more effectively.

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