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BaZi (Ba Zi) – Destiny and Luck Cycle Analysis – Singapore FengShui Master

March 3, 2021

Do you know your Destiny?

What are you Meant to Be ?

What is Your Capacity in life?


Using an  Ancient Chinese Astrology system known as BAZI(八字) we are able to help you identify your distinct personalities, strengths, talents, dominant emotions, social interactions as well as foresee obstacles. This amazing predictive system can also predict your luck cycle and issues that may arise in business partnerships or love relationships.
What is Bazi Analysis about?

Bazi analysis is about helping you to understand more about yourself and about making better choices. After the analysis, you will be equipped with key knowledge for adjusting their perspectives and changing your attitudes, having realistic expectations and being prepared when times are tough. On top of this, you will be equipped with the knowledge of the right timings. Every decision you make affects your life. We are always presented with the different choices every now and then.

Compelling reasons to choose 123 Destiny

Professional advice rendered by Master Edwaard Liu of 123 Destiny has enabled his clients to master their destiny by taking the right action at the right time.

Master Edwaard Liu is very competent and is able to furnish good advice on the spot. He is always meticulous in verifying Client’s Bazi astrology chart(based on birthdate and time) verifying past events to ascertain the accuracy of the energy chart obtained. This Bazi astrology chart is then used for the prediction of future events and devising of rectification measures. Master Edwaard Liu is an Accredited Feng Shui Master and a  member of International Feng Shui Association, with its headquarter based in Singapore. The Bazi consultation do not involve religion and rituals. Services are provided at an affordable rate. Read Master Edwaard’s testimonials here.

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Master Edwaard Liu Giving a Talk at Capitaland

BaZi Analysis Articles

What is BaZi (八字) or Four (4) Pillars of Destiny? – Singapore Feng Shui master

May 20, 2020

What is Bazi Reading?

Bazi (八字), is an advanced system developed by the early Chinese scholars and astronomers based on the Five Elements Theory, refined over thousands of years with statistics and records. Bazi literally means eight characters in Chinese. It is also sometimes call four (4) pillars of destiny.

Birth year, month, day and time, each one constitute to one pillar and in each pillar there are 2 characters (Heaven Stem and Earth Branch) .  Here is a sample of a Bazi.

Every character can be classified in one of the five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth.

Based on the cycle of support and destruction of the elements, an experience Master is able to pick up a lot of information about a person.

  1. Personality
  2. Strengths
  3. Talents
  4. Dominant Emotions
  5. Social Interaction (spouse/partner/family etc)
  6. Foreseen Obstacles
  7. Wealth Capacity
  8. Suitable Career
  9. Suitable Colors
  10. Lucky Directions

From the interactions of the characters, a person’s character and traits can be seen. What is a person’s potential to be famous, is this person’s reputation good?  Is he/she sociable? Is he/she talented, or has good education. Does he/she have hidden talents? We can also see what is his/her potential to be wealthy. Is the person thrifty or spendthrift, does he/she has the ability to save?

The relationship with his family can be determined. Whether the person is close to his/her parents? Does he gets supports from them? What is his/her relationship with spouse?  Whether there are temptations from third party? Etc.

Luck Cycle

Bazi shows the potential capacity of the person’s life. Another important factor to consider is the luck cycle. A metaphor to explain will be the capacity of a ship. Ships come in different size and make, different ships has different capacity like a person will have different capacity or potential in life. How fast and how far a ship moves depends on the wind. The luck cycle in a person’s destiny is like the wind.  If a person has big potential but his good luck cycles never come, is like having a big ship stranded in the sea, going nowhere. There are people whose lives are like a small ship with constant support from the wind in the right direction. They may not achieve much in life, but their lives have no major problems or worries. It is also normal when sometimes there are bad weathers while some period it is smooth sailing, in the luck cycle there will be up and down in life.

The diagram above shows the

a)      Major Luck Cycle which consist of 10 years for each period,

b)     Yearly Luck Cycle

With the Bazi and luck cycle chart, we will be able to tell if a particular years and months are good or bad, whether it is for health, wealth, relationship, career etc.  For example sometimes we can tell when a person’s wealth may be lost due to a bad business partnership. It can also be determined which years or months are more likely for someone to conceive if they want to have children, or when is a good time to change job.

Bazi and Luck Cycle Analysis equipped people with key knowledge for adjusting their perspectives and changing their attitudes, having realistic expectations and being prepared when times are tough. On top of this, they will be equipped with the knowledge of the right timings. Every decision you make affects your life. We are always presented with the different choices every now and then. Knowing and making the right decisions have major impact in our lives.

What is included in Bazi reading with Master Edwaard Liu

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BaZi Analysis Articles

What is included in BaZi analysis (fortune telling)? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

May 19, 2020

-Analysis of your Character and Traits

-Analysis of your Relationship with family members and spouse

-Analysis of your whole life in relation to Wealth, Love, Career, Relationship and Health

-Review past 2 years’ events, analysis of current year and advice for the next 2 Years

-Detailed analysis for next 12 months, advice given for individual Months.

-Advise on suitable Careers

-Advise on suitable Colours

-Advise on Lucky Directions/Sector

Current price $98 (price subjected to changes.)

Bazi Consultation

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BaZi Analysis Articles

Will my Bazi Chart tell if I be Rich? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

January 12, 2011

When people consult me, when it comes to money matter, they will always ask

“Will I be rich?”

“When will I be rich?”

They never ask “Will I be Poor?” or “When will I be poor?”

 The reason of course is obvious, because most people want to be rich. It is good to be optimistic and work towards your goals. But, does working hard guarantee that you will reach your goals? There are many factors why some are wealthy and some are struggling to make ends meet.

 How many people who take trading courses with the intention to become millionaire actually succeed?

How many people, who take course that will teach them to become millionaire, will actually become millionaire?

Why is it common that when someone strikes lottery, it doesn’t take them too long to lose all of them and return to where they started?

Why some people have the Midas touch?

Why some people always make the right decision when it comes to money?

 The family one is born in has a big influence on his/her life, support given, education, network, mindset inherited and of course the wealth inherited.  (Heaven Luck)

 The people he/she mixes around with, friends, classmate, relative, associates, the environment he/she is exposed to, the culture of the country or workplace and the Feng Shui of the environment he works or live in. (Earth Luck)

 The character of the person, his/her own mindset and skill sets, his/her personality and traits have major impact on him/her and his wealth too. (Human Luck)

 All these can be classified in to Heaven天, Earth地 and Human 人 Luck.

 Heaven Luck includes destiny and Luck cycle, which is pre-determined and not changeable.

 If all these can be seen and it is pre-determined in your Bazi analysis, but why do we need to know all these, might as well leave it to fate? You may ask.

 If you know your capacity beforehand, it is easier to be contented and find the right career or business that suits you, rather than chasing unrealistic goals. Yes your capacity in life is more or less pre- determined, the good news is, it does not come in an absolute figure like $3,243,476.93 in your lifetime.  Meaning you will only know if you will be extremely poor, poor, average, above average, rich or very rich. There is still a bandwidth that you can play around with. For example an average person’s income can be between $3,000 to $10,000 a month. Meaning, you can be pre-determined to be of average wealth, but you can work towards a higher average.

 If a person has capacity to be rich, the next question to ask is, When? When a person is potentially rich or when potentially he will face financial problems can be seen from his birth chart too.

 Why do some people that have always been successful suddenly fail?

Why do some people suddenly become million or billionaire?

Why are some people consistent when it comes to money, business or career, while others are not?

 Time is also an important factor, this can be seen in the Luck cycle part of your Bazi, you will know when to take risk, when not to take risk when it comes to money matter. Changing job during bad luck cycle is not advised. Making short term investment during bad luck cycle and chances of losing them are higher. Luck cycle move in a cyclic manner. Good luck is always followed by bad luck, and bad luck followed by good luck. Do not be too happy when you are very successful or do not be too sad when things are not going your way.

 There are however things that we can do to make a difference in our life. Things that we can change include Earth and Human luck. The people that you mixed around with, the environment that you are in, your mindset and skill set. Kind and good deeds, good intentions, speech and action, all these will have a direct impact in your life and the income and wealth as well. Knowing your destiny and luck cycle, you will be able to plan your life and wealth more effectively.

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