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Is 12/12/12 or 20/12/2012 an Auspicious Wedding date? – Singapore Bazi Fengshui Master

November 23, 2011

The energy pattern of the universe can be calculated, tracked and pre-determined and nothing occurs in random. Yearly, Monthly, Daily and Hourly elemental cycles have profound influence upon events and our actions. Therefore auspicious date selection for significant events is important. Date selection is the art of selecting the right timing by analyzing your birth chart using BAZI (4 Pillars of Destiny) and referencing to the Chinese Almanac (通书).

Selecting an auspicious wedding date helps to ensure a good start and also ensure longevity in a relationship, and sometimes use as a remedy to soften the impact of incompatibility detected in the BaZi (astrology chart) of the couple.

On 11/11/11 and 20/11/2011 there are many wedding couples.  They believe this numbers has special significance and also it is a date that is easy to remember.

Those dates are considered relatively good in the Chinese Almanac, but of course, the couple’s birth date and time also needs to be analyzed before we can conclude that it is an auspicious date for the wedding couple. Since it is already over, I shall not elaborate on those dates.

For some that are planning to get married on in 2012 they will be keen to know if  12/12/12 and 20/12/2012 are auspicious dates to get married.

Let us take look at 12/12/12

壬子 month, 丁未 day, from the Chinese Almanac, it is defined as a 危日 or “Danger Day”, Typically used for religious worship and removal of unwanted things.  This day is filled with uncertainty and potentially dangerous components. No high risk activity should be done on this day; this is also not a suitable date for marriage.

What about  20/12/2012 ?

It is one day before Winter Solstice this day also known as 四离日, “Four separation day”, (the other three day  for the four separation days are, one day before Spring Equinox, one day before Summer Solstice, and one day before Autumn Equinox).

On this day the Qi  (energy)is depleted and it is the transition day between different Qi and cycles of different season. It is not a good day to embark on anything important, therefore it is not considered a good day for marriage as well.

Now that you know that both days are not good wedding days, you may want to consider other days, and it also save you the trouble of jostling with other couples (who do not understand or believe the significance of an auspicious wedding date) for wedding venues.

If you are getting married soon, I would like to wish you a long lasting and happy relationship together with your spouse.

By the way, proposing on those dates are not good either.

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